Much Gratitude

I would like to thank J.Golder for bringing the work of sculptor Ben Platt-Mills to my attention. Without this I would of never been inspired to write these poems.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

When The Whale Met Crow

Waves crash and tides collapse
As Crow perches himself on Whales back
A wise old mammoth carrying a sly young beak

Crow whispers in Whales ear
"Why must you be a slave to Gods sea?"
"I am a slave to no God!" Whale retorted.
"Then prove it Whale. Walk on the land as if you were one of God's men".

Whale answered Crow's challenge and as he drew his last salty breath he cursed the name of God.

Crow pecked right done to the bone. A giant defeated by a cunning Crow

Crow- Ted Hughes 1972

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