Much Gratitude

I would like to thank J.Golder for bringing the work of sculptor Ben Platt-Mills to my attention. Without this I would of never been inspired to write these poems.

Monday, 8 February 2010

The Old Blubber House

Bricks and mortar only remain,
Once a site of prosperity and disdain.
Once a slaughterhouse now a Whale cemetery.

Horses drew ships carrying the leviathans to their doom.
Whales excavated and dissected for possession and obsession,
Raped for cleanliness, butchered by infection.

Blubber for dinner.
Blubber for soap.
Blubber for warmth.
Blubber for life.
Blubber for buoyancy.
Blubber for beauty.

Ghosts of giants haunt the ruins of the Old Blubber House,
Spirits of revenge stalk these grounds,
Ghouls of murdered mammals whisper vengeance,

Demolish the Old Blubber House.

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  1. it's a beautiful thing to find inspiration in a specific animal