Much Gratitude

I would like to thank J.Golder for bringing the work of sculptor Ben Platt-Mills to my attention. Without this I would of never been inspired to write these poems.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Whale's First Steps

God tried to teach Whale how to walk.
"Walk," said God."Take your first step."
Whale exposed his cavernous gullet and let out a thunderous yawn.
And closed his black orbs and drifted into a deep slumber.

"No, no" said God. "Walk. I command you. You mammoth sloth. STRIDE!"
Whale unlocked his colossal jaw and let out an exhausted groan
Again closed his black orbs and drifted into unconciousness.

"A final try," said God. "Now, WALK."
Whale unbolted his jagged jaws and unleashed a bitter slur form the depths of his vocal chords
Again closed his black orbs and descended into a dream.

"One last attempt Whale!" said God. "If you cannot walk, you will crawl."
Whale exposed his serrated scimitars and swallowed God whole.
He crunched through Gods bones. They broke like driftwood between a vice.

Whale dived guiltily to the depths of the deep blue.

Crow's First Lesson- Ted Hughes- Crow 1972

When The Whale Met Crow

Waves crash and tides collapse
As Crow perches himself on Whales back
A wise old mammoth carrying a sly young beak

Crow whispers in Whales ear
"Why must you be a slave to Gods sea?"
"I am a slave to no God!" Whale retorted.
"Then prove it Whale. Walk on the land as if you were one of God's men".

Whale answered Crow's challenge and as he drew his last salty breath he cursed the name of God.

Crow pecked right done to the bone. A giant defeated by a cunning Crow

Crow- Ted Hughes 1972

Monday, 8 February 2010


A 270 Ton vessel,
A voyage of discovery,
An adventure of ambition,
An expedition of madness,
An aspiration to become the initial murderer.

We sail the Antarctic searching for liquid gold
Stored in gargantuan living barrels.

To capture the Whale,
Is to capture an angel.
To slay the Whale,
Is to slay Neptune.
To drain the Whale,
Is to drain God himself.

Only with you could we become Gods amongst Men.
My sweet Emilia

The Old Blubber House

Bricks and mortar only remain,
Once a site of prosperity and disdain.
Once a slaughterhouse now a Whale cemetery.

Horses drew ships carrying the leviathans to their doom.
Whales excavated and dissected for possession and obsession,
Raped for cleanliness, butchered by infection.

Blubber for dinner.
Blubber for soap.
Blubber for warmth.
Blubber for life.
Blubber for buoyancy.
Blubber for beauty.

Ghosts of giants haunt the ruins of the Old Blubber House,
Spirits of revenge stalk these grounds,
Ghouls of murdered mammals whisper vengeance,

Demolish the Old Blubber House.

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Bones

My love is everlasting like the whale.
Violent as the crashing tides.
Bitter as a Winter gale.
Stronger than whalebone,
Brittle as timber

My love is pure and mammoth like the whale.
More powerful than HMS Victory,
More precious than wild orchids.
Tender as the new born lamb.

My love is dying as is the whale.
Pillaged and mined for all its worth.
Stretched to stiffen a dress
Bled for the soap
Carved into a chair made of the finest whalebone