Much Gratitude

I would like to thank J.Golder for bringing the work of sculptor Ben Platt-Mills to my attention. Without this I would of never been inspired to write these poems.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Whale's First Steps

God tried to teach Whale how to walk.
"Walk," said God."Take your first step."
Whale exposed his cavernous gullet and let out a thunderous yawn.
And closed his black orbs and drifted into a deep slumber.

"No, no" said God. "Walk. I command you. You mammoth sloth. STRIDE!"
Whale unlocked his colossal jaw and let out an exhausted groan
Again closed his black orbs and drifted into unconciousness.

"A final try," said God. "Now, WALK."
Whale unbolted his jagged jaws and unleashed a bitter slur form the depths of his vocal chords
Again closed his black orbs and descended into a dream.

"One last attempt Whale!" said God. "If you cannot walk, you will crawl."
Whale exposed his serrated scimitars and swallowed God whole.
He crunched through Gods bones. They broke like driftwood between a vice.

Whale dived guiltily to the depths of the deep blue.

Crow's First Lesson- Ted Hughes- Crow 1972

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